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Lots of Events Coming Up!

John Carbonneau

Feb 1, 2022

Let the craziness begin! We will be diving into the busiest section of our season with an endless list of excitement and activity going on we will do our best to keep you up to date. We have a full list of upcoming competitions for this month at both the A and B level as well the one we are hosting!!!

Competitions this weekend

Please look for an email from Coach John with the details for our upcoming B events at Loon and Waterville. The email will contain attendance forms, meeting times/ locations, and other important information.

Event Registration

Event registration for the A event at Waterville and the B event at Mount Sunapee will be opening up at 6:00 pm tonight.

Crotched Mountain Event

We will be hosting the Carbonneau Clash on 2/19/22 and 2/20/22!!! There are a ton of factors that go into hosting an event and we could use all the help that we can get. Volunteer sign ups for the event will be coming out soon. We would ask that everyone that is able sign up for a position to help us make this event the best in the eastern division. Look for an email from the CMFC board that will contain a list of positions you can sign up for. We will be scheduling a team meeting for 2/9 to discuss specifics for the events. We will go over what the various roles are, who should fill them, and the schedule for the day of.

B Step Up Event

It's almost hard to believe that we are looking into growing our A program, but here we are! We have a handful of our B athletes who should be getting ready to start skiing at A events next season. One of the best ways to do that is to ski an A event and see what it's all about. B athletes are allowed to enter one A event as a "step up day" and still return to competition in the B's. Coach John will be sending out an email to the parents of all our athletes that are ready to make the move. This email will be coming out late tonight. The planned event for athletes to do their step up would be the Waterville event on 2/12 and 2/13. If you believe your athlete may be getting the invite you may want to hold off on registering them for the Sunapee event tonight!

Upcoming Schedule

A's Schedule

2/5/2022- A's Training Day at Crotched
2/6/2022- A's Training Day at Crotched

2/11/2022- A's Training Day at Waterville
2/12/2022- A's Moguls at Waterville
2/13/2022- A's Duals at Waterville

2/18/2022- A's Training Day at Bristol
2/19/2022- A's Moguls at Bristol
2/20/2022- A's Duals at Bristol

2/25/2022- A's Training day at Stratton
2/26/2022- A's Mogul Event at Stratton
2/27/2022- A's Dual Moguls at Stratton

3/4/2022- A's Training for National Qualifier at Sunday River (Invitational Event)
3/5/2022 - A's Moguls for National Qualifier at Sunday River (Invitational Event)
3/6/2022 - A's Training for National Qualifier at Sunday River (Invitational Event)

B's Schedule

2/4/2022- B's Training day at Loon
2/5/2022- B's Moguls at Loon
2/6/2022- B's Moguls at Waterville

2/12/2022- B's Training Day at Crotched
2/13/2022- B's Moguls at Sunapee

2/18/2022- Training Day for the Crotched Event.
2/19/2022- Moguls Day for the Crotched Event
2/20/2022- Slopestyle Day for the Crotched Event

2/26/2022- B's Training Day at Crotched
2/27//2022- B's Training Day at Crotched

3/4/2022- B's Training for Tri- States at Whaleback (Invitational Event)
3/5/2022 - B's Moguls for Tri-States at Whaleback (Invitational Event)
3/6/2022 - B's Training for Tri-States at Whaleback (Invitational Event)

Event Calendar

Competition Information-
For the most up to date information make sure to subscribe to the Eastern Freestyle Newsletter

Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the Event Info Sheet. They are an extremely useful tool for information regarding events and every mountain has one. Visit and take a look at their events page. This is where you will register for competitions. If you see the blinking green light beside an event, registration is open! If you are looking for more information regarding a specific event you will need to click the link underneath each event that says Event Info.

Emails will be coming out from coaches with specific information pertaining to each event. We will specify meeting times, locations, any additional information that you may need for that event!

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