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  • What is the Crotched Mountain Freestyle Team?
    The Crotched Mountain Freestyle Team is a competitive freestyle skiing program. This includes both moguls and slopestyle skiing. We are a relatively new program but have exploded onto the Eastern Freestyle circuit in the last few years. Putting out athletes that have competed neck and neck with some of the top ski academies on the east coast. We have a highly dedicated coaching staff that is well versed in all aspects of skiing. We hold the belief that creating well rounded skiers who are able to handle any type of challenge or terrain. Is the best way to create skiers who will be able to truly enjoy the sport to its fullest, and do it for a very long time. Welcome to our freestyle family!
  • Who is the Crotched Mountain Freestyle Team for?
    The Crotched Mountain Freestyle Team is for everyone and anyone, between the ages of 8 and 18, who enjoys the sport of skiing. Especially someone who enjoys skiing off the beaten path. The main focus of our program is competitive mogul and slopestyle skiing. But we love to ski it all. You will find us cranking out turns on the corduroy as often as you will see us in the bumps or hitting jumps. When the snow falls, you will almost always see us heading off into the glades to have a little fun. We believe that there is lesson to be found in every aspect of skiing, but we also believe that if you aren't having fun. You aren’t doing it right!
  • What will my child learn while skiing in this program?
    We do our best to teach all aspects of skiing. From mogul and park skiing, to carving turns on the corduroy, and handling deep powder in the woods. We leave no subject untouched. One of our biggest goals as a program is not only to create well rounded and successful skiers, but to create the skill sets needed for our athletes to become well rounded and successful adults as well. Proper skiing etiquette and how our athletes choose to conduct themselves on and off the hill is always a topic of conversation.
  • What if my child isn't ready for competition?
    That is okay! We still have a place for you. 1st year competitive athletes are not required to compete and will still be allowed to train with the competitive program. If we believe your athlete is ready to compete. We will encourage them to do so by competing in at least one event during the season but the decision to compete is always left up to the athlete and the parents. In addition, Crotched Mountain does have a program for skiers who are interested in learning about freestyle but might not be ready for, or interested in competition. Our development program at Crotched Mountain has a wide variety of classes for different skill levels and skiing interest. The Intro to Freestyle Program is geared for athletes wishing to learn more about freestyle skiing without having to compete. Please visit Crotched Mountain Ski and Ride at for more details.
  • Where does the team train and compete? How long does the program run?
    Our program runs for a total of 16 weeks, typically starting on the 2nd weekend of December. The exact date may vary slightly as it is dependent on snow fall! Training and competition days are highly recommended but never mandatory. We will train at Crotched Mountain every Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Unless we are competing! Competitions are held at various mountains throughout the east coast. We will usually compete at the mountains that are closest to Crotched, but some traveling will be required if you wish to attend the events. Training at Crotched may or may not take place on competition weekends. We will typically compete in 4 to 5 events throughout the season. You can find the teams competition schedule for the season on our CALANDER page. The entire competition schedule for the Eastern Freestyle Division can be found on their website at
  • How do I sign up?
    Crotched Mountain Freestyle Club does not own or operate the freestyle program. All signups for the program are done through Vail Resorts and Crotched Mountain Ski and Ride. To register for this program please visit Crotched Mountain Ski and Ride at You will find the links to register for all of Crotched Mountain’s ski and snowboard programs under the “Ski & Snowboard Lessons” tab on their website. We hope to see you this winter!
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