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We Are Getting Moguls!

John Carbonneau

Jan 19, 2022

Update from Jan 18th


What a way to start our competition season. A big shout out to all of our parents and athletes who braved the cold this past weekend and put on a medal collecting clinic at Whaleback. I could fill up half of this newsletter with the list of athletes who took home a medal! I can't list them all but I would like to recognize Jack Kraus for his first place finish in the moguls event and Tucker Lund for his gold medal in the overall combined awards. The amount of praise and acknowledgment we received for the skiers in our program was overwhelming and I don't think our coaching staff could have been prouder.

Saturday 1/22
I also have some exciting news for the upcoming weekend. We will be getting a landing pad pushed up on Friday for our mogul course! This won't be our full competition course but will allow us to have a full line of moguls and true training jump for our athletes to ski on over the next few weekends. We will have the entire program on the hill this weekend and we should be able to get the course going before lunch time on Saturday. There will be no sign up sheet but anyone that is available to help us with the build is more than welcome to do so! Anyone that is willing to give us a hand can meet our coaches at 9:00am at the ATC when we line up with the team in the morning.

Video Review Session!
We will be taking some time after training on Saturday to get in some video review. This will be worth sticking around for! We will do our best to run through as much video as possible during this session and get in some footage of all of our athletes. The video training will run from 3:30pm to 5:00pm in the ATC. All athletes are welcome, if there is enough space for you to fit in parents are welcome to join us as well. This will be one of the best training opportunities of the season.

Sunday 1/23
Please plan to arrive to the mountain a little bit early. We will be doing our best to get everyone together for a team photo. We will be meeting outside of the ATC at 8:45am to organize the kids and get the photos taken before we head out to ski for the day. Please have your athlete dressed in their ski gear. If you have a team uniform we would love to see you in it!

Upcoming Schedule

A's Schedule
1/22/2022- A's Training at Crotched

1/23/2022- A's Training at Crotched

1/29/2022- A's Training day at Crotched

1/30/2022- A's Training day at Crotched

2/5/2022- A's Training day at Crotched

2/6/2022- A's Training day at Crotched

2/11/2022- A's Training day at Waterville

2/12/2022- A's Mogul Event at Waterville

2/13/2022- A's Dual Moguls at Waterville

2/19/2022- B Mogul Event at Crotched

2/20/2022 B Slopestyle Event at Crotched

B's Schedule

1/22/2022- B's Training day at Crotched

1/23/2022- B's Training day at Crotched

1/28/2022- B Mogul Training at Sunday River

1/29/2022- B's Mogul Event at Sunday River

1/30/2022- B's Training day at Crotched

2/4/2022- B's Mogul Training at Loon

2/5//2022- B's Mogul Event at Loon

2/6/2022- B's Training day at Crotched

2/12/2022- B's Training Day at Crotched

2/13/2022- B's Mogul Event at Sunapee

2/18/2022- B's Mogul Training at Crotched

2/19/2022- B's Mogul Event at Crotched

2/20/2022- B's Slopestyle Event at Crotched

Competition Information

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Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the Event Info Sheet. They are an extremely useful tool for information regarding events and every mountain has one. Visit and take a look at their events page. This is where you will register for competitions. If you see the blinking green light beside an event, registration is open! If you are looking for more information regarding a specific event you will need to click the link underneath each event that says Event Info.

Emails will be coming out from coaches with specific information pertaining to each event. We will specify meeting times, locations, any additional information that you may need for that event!

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